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It’s been a very quiet summer for any updates to the best Nintendo Switch games list, so now it’s time to wait for Splatoon 3 to drop and see whether it’s going to make the cut. We’ve also got Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope en route before the end of the year, this list really is due a shake-up.

The games on this list aren’t all Switch exclusives, but they are best experienced on Nintendo’s latest console. What we’ve attempted to do is make this list of best Switch games as varied as possible too, so hopefully, there’s something for everyone to enjoy whether you’re a JRPG fan or Super Mario diehard.

We’ve got you covered for the future too, with our list of all the upcoming Switch games so you know what to add to your wishlist for 2021. If you’re here because you’re considering a Nintendo Switch OLED purchase, check out all the deals you can get on a Nintendo Switch bundle.

25. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Genre: Platformer / Adventure

What is it? Kirby’s first fully 3D platforming adventure featuring more open stages and Mouthful Mode

Why should you buy it? Kirby and the Forgotten Land takes you on a memorable adventure packed full of delightful features, challenges, and new standout additions. Taking place in a mysterious world setting that’s made up of wonderfully creative stages, every level hides plenty of secrets and eye-catching sights that you’ll want to experience for yourself. The platforming is more open, so you can take the time to explore and make the most of the pink puffball’s first proper step into the realm of 3D. With boss fights, puzzles, and a variety of foes to take on with Kirby’s slate of copy abilities, Forgotten Land also introduces the new Mouthful Mode skill that allows you to become a car, cone, water balloon, and much more besides to progress. And when you want to take a break from the platforming, you can even take a breather at Waddle Dee Town, with mini-games and side activities galore. If you’re looking for something to make you smile or brighten up your day, then look no further.

24. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Genre: Adventure / Platformer

What is it? A re-release of the Wii U classic, but with a brand new Mario adventure added in for brilliant good fun in one package.

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Why should you buy it? Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury gives you a whole host of Mario fun in one bundle. On the one hand you’ve got the re-release of the Wii U platformer Super Mario 3D World, which offers a range of inventive platforming levels that you can play through on your own or with up to three friends. It’s the game that introduced the Cat Mario power-up and it’s wonderfully zany as well as inventive with its worlds. But then you’ve also got the compact new adventure that is Bowser’s Fury. This is more akin to Super Mario Odyssey, and delivers a brand new story to explore and play through as you fight alongside Bowser Jr. to take down Fury Bowser. It takes elements from Super Mario 3D World too, so it’s just as loveable too. This is quite the package.

23. Bayonetta 2

(Image credit: Nintendo, Sega, Platinum Games)

Genre: Action

What is it? An exhilarating hack ’n’ slash adventure.

Why should you buy it? Originally released as a Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2 has now been re-released on Switch, and it means that you now have no excuses not to play it. Although, when the heroine is a witch with magical hair and (literally) killer stilettos, you won’t really need an excuse not to. This Switch release allows you to experience some of the most action-packed, brutal moments from the last decade of gaming wherever you want. Although it’s a shame the resolution is locked to 720p, even on your TV, it doesn’t detract from the fact it’s a better game than it was on Wii U, even if you look at the major frame rate improvements alone. The game looks stunning regardless, and if you’re an action game fan in the slightest you owe it to yourself to play Bayonetta 2. In fact, when you buy Bayonetta 2 you actually go one better, because you get the original game thrown in for free too. Bargain.

22. Gris

Genre: Platformer

What is it? A stunning, watercolour, platformer with a soundtrack that’s as smooth as pouring treacle in your ears.

Why should you buy it? Sometimes you just want something a little bit different, and if you’re looking to push the indie boat out, then Gris is one for you. In terms of gameplay, it’s a wonderful puzzle / platformer that’ll have you trying to restore the world of colour, but aesthetically it’s one of the most beautiful games we’ve ever had the privilege to play. It’s high up on our list of must-play best Switch games for that reason alone. The colour spectrum evolves the more you play, and as you unlock colours and move through the game you’ll be introduced to different areas and locales that are just so pretty I can’t help but spam the screenshot button. This is a glorious little game that utterly shines on Switch.

21. Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Genre: Platformer

What is it? A sprawling, decadent open-world RPG filled with dragons, magic, and a bloody civil war with you right at the centre.

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Why should you buy it? Let’s ignore the fact that in Skyrim Nintendo Switch (opens in new tab) you can fight dragons with your bare hands. Let’s also ignore the stunning scenery that oozes character, whether it’s the dismal, unnerving forest of Falkreath or the golden trees swaying near Riften. Don’t pay attention to the grand total of 244 quests, or the DLCs included in the Switch edition that’ll have you journeying to new lands. Instead focus on the motion controls. They’re damn good, allowing you to raise a hand to your chest to block with a shield, or tilt the Joy-Cons to aim where you’re firing a handful of fire. You can even pick locks with your bare hands now, for Talos’ sake (as long as they’re holding Joy-Cons, that is). While we wait for Elder Scrolls 6 (opens in new tab), Skyrim on the Switch will make you feel connected to Tamriel’s world like never before, and an essential on our best Switch games list for RPG lovers.

20. Moonlighter

Genre: Action, Adventure

What is it? An adventure where you spend your days tending a shop, and nights fighting through various dungeons to free the town and find things to sell in said shop.

Why should you buy it? If you’re looking for the best pixel graphics you’ve ever seen, you need to check out Moonlighter. This glorious game channels Stardew Valley with that “just one more day” gameplay loop, but instead of tending a farm you’re part-time dungeon crawler, part-time shopkeeper in this best Switch games entry. During the day you’re figuring out what price to set for each of your hard-earned items, trying to stop thieves from pinching your wares, and saving up enough dosh to rebuild the town. But by night, you’re scavenging items to sell in your shop from the dungeons, and working your way towards beating the boss beast that lurks in each one, whilst trying to stay alive. Its addictive gameplay loop means that it’s going to be one of those games that eat evenings for breakfast – sometimes literally – and carves a groove into your Switch library. You don’t find many games like Moonlighter.

19. Hollow Knight

Genre: Platformer What is it? An epic, platforming adventure with some of the most beautiful environments we’ve ever seen. Why should you buy it? Some are suggesting that Hollow Knight is Dark Souls for beginners. But it’s really a Dark Souls with stunning hand-painted aesthetics and a color palette to make you cry, and a stunning orchestral soundtrack that you just want to bathe in. It’s one of our best Switch games for a reason folks. In true Metroidvania style, you’ll be exploring a labyrinth of underground areas each more distinct than the last, and all filled with strange creatures to fight, and bizarre bugs to befriend. (Yes, really.) As you progress you gain new abilities, grow in power, and more devoted to uncovering all of Hollow Knight’s secrets. One of the greatest best Switch games to date.

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18. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Genre: Platformer

What is it? An excellent port of a Wii U exclusive with some brilliant new additions to make it one of the best Switch games.

Why is it interesting? Aside from the fact you should buy this for the adorability factor of Toad and Toadette alone, it also happens that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is one of the best Wii U ports available on Switch. It’s a fantastic puzzler where every level takes the form of an interactive puzzle box or diorama that you can traverse, poke, prod, pull, push and generally interact with to unlock its secrets and reach the end goal of the golden star. And each one is beautiful, intricate and just perplexing enough to leave you suitably impressed and a tiny bit chuffed when you finish it. Plus, there are additional challenges that you can go back and dive into too, making this little puzzler stretch further than you originally anticipate. Just wait until you see the new, Switch exclusive, levels based on Super Mario Odyssey (opens in new tab). Being able to waddle through little box-shaped version of Odyssey’s Sand, Metro, Cascade, and Luncheon Kingdoms is sheer joy, and they are just as beautifully executed as the other levels available too. It all contributes to ensuring it’s always high up on our best Switch games list.

17. Minecraft

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Genre: Building simulation

What is it? A beautifully blocky, open-world, creative sandbox for you to build, destroy, and mine anything you want.

Why should you buy it? Because even if you’ve played it before, Minecraft (opens in new tab) on Switch means an ultra-portable, buildable delight. You can sit down with a friend to play together on the local network, which is ridiculously simple to set up – just put one of their Joy-Cons on your Switch once your world is loaded up, press +, and hand it back to them. You can also play online if you’re not eager to go exploring alone, or try out one of its mini-games: Battle (straightforwards PvP), Tumble (a race that involves shovels or snowballs), or Glide (get to the end of the course asap). A plethora of achievements makes for pleasantly directed playing as they give you something to aim for, but when it comes down to it you never feel like you’ve quite beaten Minecraft even if you’ve been playing for tens of hours. It’s an exercise in discovery and ambition, with structures that previously only existed in your wildest dreams suddenly viable – as long as you have the resources. Whether you’re tenacious, easygoing, or just rabidly curious, think of Minecraft as a gracious host that will make you and anyone you choose to co-op with delirious with happiness. Either that, or you’ll get your hands on some TNT and will make everything go bang. Which is also fun. Definitely worthy of its spot on our best Switch games list.

16. Octopath Traveler

Genre: JRPG

What is it? A modern turn-based Japanese RPG inspired by old-school graphics.

Why should you buy it? What Octopath Traveler really excels at is scale. Whereas any other game would put all of its focus onto a single protagonist, Square Enix’s JRPG tells the story of eight – yes, eight – heroes, and all of their beautifully told stories are given the same gravitas, which is quite the feat. It’s a wonderful collection of stories, told in a world that is inspired by JRPGs of old, particularly in terms of art style, and its combat is some of the best turned-based systems the JRPG world has to offer. If any of this intrigues you, then Octopath Traveler needs to be on your wishlist immediately. Or, preferably, under your thumbs. Get involved with this excellent addition to the best Switch games list.

15. Super Mario Maker 2

Genre: Action, Platformer

What is it? The game that lets you make your own Super Mario games – but now new and improved!

Why should you buy it? Basically three games in one, Super Mario Maker 2 (opens in new tab) is all about letting you mess about and infuse your imagination. You can play through the extensive story mode provided by the developers, or you can create your own Super Mario levels from scratch, using all the elements you know and love from the classic Ninty series. It’s drag and drop stuff, incredibly straightforward to get to grips with, but offers enough complexity that you’ll be discovering new combinations for years to come. And when your creative juices run dry? Check out the plethora of levels created by your fellow gamers. It’s one of the best Switch games and one that gives you endless fun.

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